28 ноября 2014 г.

Краткий обзор российского рынка емейл-маркетинга для Return Path

В последний месяц как-то много общения получилось с ребятами из Return Path. В частности меня попросили дать что-то вроде характеристики.

За 15 минут набросалось вот такое:

Basically Russian email marketing is something like Western one with next key differences:
1. Filtering technologies are 5 years back.
2. The market itself is smaller, so Mail.ru and Yandex are managing abuse desk systems which allow senders to get deliverability issues explained.
3. Email as a channel isn't always taken seriously.

In terms of deliverability the biggest 2 MBPs are still focused on complain levels, unknown user rates, spamtraps. I've never heard of deliverability decisions taking into account engagement metrics. Therefore most legitimate senders don't have any issues with delivering their emails into inboxes until they fail to comply with some very basic practices like keeping complaining clients out of the list.

Just couple colorful remarks on this:
- FBL on Mail.ru has been introduced 3-4 years ago after I told Mail.ru CTO what FBL is
- Mail.ru and Yandex have implemented exciting postmaster tools which provides much more useful data comparing to Hotmail SNDS

For the moment we've got no specific legislation like CASL in place. I've never heard of any court case regarding email spam. So the worst case is getting your mail rejected but not some huge fines etc.

There are 2 kinds of reasons of deliverability issues:
- some company got really bad complaint rates and their emails got banned automatically
- email metrics or practices have been tested manually by Mail.ru anti-abuse team (and the test failed) and emails have been directed to Spam manually

I'm seeing that many companies with huge revenues from emails (imagine $100M per year) still fail to build and maintain email strategy, sometimes leaving it for an employee who also works on SEO etc.

It might be related that we've gotten almost no community around email marketing here in Russia. The very first email marketing conference happened couple years ago, and now such conferences are mostly product placement events not interesting for me as an expert.

Smartphone adoption in big cities is relatively high, but overall we're seeing only around 15-25% of emails being opened on mobile depending on business.

Looking at the things I've mentioned above I really think that in 2-5 years we'll have the same legislation, filtering logic and mobile adoption as US or UK markets have for the moment. And, hopefully, better email practices and overall awareness as a result.

Интересно будет через пару лет свериться с моим прогнозом.